The Countrymen on TikTok

Well we’d never have thought “The Countrymen” and “TikTok” would have been used in the same sentence but these are strange times and seeing as Shantymania has hit social media but in particular TikTok, we thought we ought to get down with the kids and join in.

With lockdown as it is, we are obviously unable to perform live at the moment and even more frustrating is that we are unable to make significant progress on our “difficult second album” with the emphasis on difficult. Still, that’s the way it has to be and we’ll get there in the end.

In the meantime, we’ll be sharing short clips of The Countrymen in action which will hopefully entertain one or two of you until better times. If you have any particular requests, feel free to message us by one of the social media links below. Here’s an example…

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