Trees On The Hill (Ijaz Bhatti)

Written by our very own Ijaz Bhatti, Trees On The Hill is a song about an iconic copse of trees perched on the top of a hill beside the A30 and minutes from the Devon/Cornwall border.

The correct name for them is Cookworthy Knapp but they are known by most as the ‘Nearly Home’ or ‘Nearly There’ trees depending on your situation. Whether you are fortunate enough to live in Cornwall or you just come to Cornwall for your holidays, the emotion as they appear is much the same, (unless of course, you are travelling to St Ives and you’ve still two hours ahead of you!).

Trees On The Hill is also the title of our first album available
as a CD and for download and streaming.
We have a great affinity for the Trees and have even lit them up in red to highlight the plight of the events industry during lockdown.

Now there’s the perfect way to enter Cornwall on the A30….

1st lay-by after Okehampton

Set cruise control to 70 mph

2nd lay-by after Okehampton

Cue up your “Trees” CD to Track #7 (download and streaming also available)

3rd lay-by after Okehampton

As you pass the lay-by exit, press PLAY.

As you reach the brow of the hill, all will be revealed in time with the music!

Still struggling? Here’s a video to help… YOU’RE NEARLY HERE/THERE!