Trees On The Hill (Ijaz Bhatti)

Written by our very own Ijaz Bhatti, this is a home-coming song about the Cookworthy Knapp, known locally as the “nearly home trees”. This clump of trees tucked on the top of a hill on the A30,(now accompanied by a wind turbine!), tells so many people that they are just about to cross the Tamar into Cornwall.  Whether you are fortunate enough to live in Cornwall or you just come to Cornwall for your holidays, the emotion as they appear is much the same.

Trees On The Hill is also the title of our debut CD album which is available at our gigs and also in our website shop.

Trees On Hill

So what does it sound like? You can listen to sample clips of the whole CD or download and stream most of them HERE

Now there’s the perfect way to enter Cornwall …………….

As you pass Okehampton on the A30, set your cruise control to 70 mph and look for the 1st lay-by.

Cue up your “Trees” CD to Track #7 by the time you pass the 2nd lay-by.

As you pass the exit to the 3rd lay-by, press PLAY.

As you reach the brow of the hill, all will be revealed in time with the music!