Trees On The Hill Lyrics

Trees On The Hill


I know I’m coming home, When the sun is in my eyes,

I’ll never be alone, beneath those rainy skies,

I know I’m nearly there, when I see the trees upon the hill,

I know I’m coming home


There was a time when I would feel like drifting,

There was a time when nothing tied me down,

There was a time when I was young,

The sun shone in the East but now it’s gone,

I wonder if I’m going to live for ever,

I wonder if I’m gonna die today,

I wonder if I turn around,

and head back to the West I’ll be OK.


Some people say it’s better to burn brightly,

Some people say it’s better to fade away,

Some people say you’re better off,

When the sun is in the West and feel OK.

The trees remind all folks who are lonely,

That hearth and home are not so far away,

The trees remind us that our hearts,

can settle in the West and drift away


I stood there on the hilltop,

Wild geese flew up high,

Silver trees reflecting,

A harvest moon in the sky


Sun in my eyes,

Rain in the sky,

Trees on the hill,

Let me know that I’m home


I know I’m coming home…