Pilton Stage one step closer

Have you ever wondered how the 8000 people or organise and staff Glastonbury Festival get to unwind after the big one? Well, they have a big one of their own in September. The Pilton Party has a major headline band topping the bill supported by a new up and coming artist or band. There are entries from all over the UK and they are finally whittled down to just one.

On the 28th March, we discovered that out of nearly 500 entries, we had made the longlist (like a shortlist but longer) – down to the last 80!

Well last Friday, 7th April, we had a call to tell us that we were now on the shortlist (like a longlist only shorter) – the last 30!

We now go to a live heat in Somerset on the 22nd July with the hope of going through to a live final on the 5th August.

We know that it is still a massive longshot but we really appreciate getting this far.

Fingers crossed!