2019 Concert Micro-tour

This year has seen The Countrymen dipping their toes into the self-promotion scene with a few “tester” concert gigs in theatre-style surroundings.  We love playing almost anywhere and are always on the look for more festival events.  However, we wanted to see if we could command an audience that had nothing to focus on but us.  It required us to create a “show” although we wanted to keep it loose and organic. 

Cousin Jacks…

The first concert date was at The Acorn Theatre in Penzance in February.  Our expectations on ticket sales were low as we knew it was a little early in the year and the weather on the night didn’t help “on the door” sales.  However, we still had a large enough audience to realise how special a concert gig is.  The connection between us and our audience is complete.  We have to raise our game and the audience show their appreciation for this in spades.  When we came off stage we were buzzing all the way back to Lanson.  We’re booked in again for next year. 

The Acorn Theatre

  Next was The Poly in Falmouth in March.  We knew we had a strong following here, mainly off the back of our appearances at The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival.  Ticket sales were very promising early on and in the end, we almost sold out!  The atmosphere was fantastic and confirmed that we needed to do more of these.  Performing to an audience you can’t see most of the time (stage lighting is bright!) takes some getting used to but the response was humbling.  Up next is the Lane Theatre in Newquay on Sunday 5th May and we will definitely be adding some more concert dates through the year.  We consider these concert dates a bit “special” for us and we will be working hard on ideas on how we can make them increasingly special for our audience. The 2020 Micro-tour may turn out to be a little less micro…..

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