Tregarthen’s Anthem Lyrics

Tregarthen’s Anthem


Give me a good sword and a trusty hand,

These were the words that parson Hawker sang,

A tribute to this far western land,

An anthem sung for every Cornishman.


And here’s the miner with his arm of steel,

His back as strong as any winding wheel,

His  granite kingdom he calls his own,

He has a heart carved from the Cornish stone


And here’s the fisher with his silver net,

The finest catch that you have ever met,

And be he wealthy or be he poor,

He’s rich when standing on his Cornish shore


And here’s the farmer with his plough to wield,

His land as gold as any harvest field,

His only wish is to live and die,

On Cornish soil beneath a Cornish sky


And here’s the lifeboat on a raging sea,

The crew as brave as any man could be,

Through storm and tempest and pounding foam,

The Cornish boys will always bring ’em home