The Tin Mines of Cornwall Lyrics

The Tin Mines of Cornwall


They’re older than Christ and deeper than hell

But the tin mines of Cornwall won’t see ’99

The life of the land has come out of the mineshaft

The heart of the Cornishman’s down in the mine

Before there were Christians, before there were Romans

The world came to Cornwall to bargain for tin

Tin for the swords to spill blood on the wheat fields

Tin for the ploughshares to till them again

When gears started grinding and wheels started rolling

They called to the Cornishmen – “dig deep and fast!”

The building of nations, of civilizations

Began in the mines and we thought it would last  


Out in the gold rush, down in the diamond fields

When they hit hard rock they sounded the call

“Send us some Cornishmen, they’ll find the ore for us

Send us some Cornishmen, they’re best of all!”

It started out slow, a long time ago

They put notices up as the profits came down

“There’s no more employment, go find some enjoyment

You’re all retired from your work underground.”


The end it has come, it’s finally done

They’re closing South Crofty, the very last mine

So head for the dole queue, there’s nobody needs you

Pack up your gear; it’s the end of the line. 

In Australia or Michigan, Hell or South Africa

Mining is mining and it’s all we know

With the farmers and fishermen, we built the Cornish land

Now we’re redundant and it’s time to go.  


Well it’s been twenty years since they cut Crofty’s cable

We thought it was final and that was the end……..

But there’s Lithium down there, and it’s worth a fortune!

If all goes to plan, we’ll be mining again!

They’re older than Christ, and deeper than hell

But the new mines of Cornwall will soon produce ore

We’ll shoulder our tools and go into the mineshaft

We’ll bring out the tin like our fathers before,,,

And again show the World what a Cornishman’s for!