The Last Of The Pirateers (C.Morris / D.Freeman)

Of all the Cornish pirates Poundstock’s 14th century Pirateers could perhaps boast the most bloodthirsty of reputations. Operating from their ‘Den’, hidden amongst rugged Cornish cliffs near the village, the gang preyed on richly-laden ships that would frequently pass Widemouth Bay. Desperate to conceal the whereabouts of their stowed booty they would go to any lengths to silence blabbing mouths. William Penfound discovered this the hard way. By day an upstanding clergyman but by night dirtying his hands in dealing with the Pirateers, he became a little too loose lipped about their activities and was executed in broad daylight beneath the church altar. Despite the village residents’ acute fear of the gang, rumours still circulated, including details of their treasure stash’s location. The ‘Poundstock Hoard’ is believed to be hidden near their Den between Dizzard Point and Penhalt Cliff. Though many have searched, the hoard is yet to be uncovered. (Courtesy:

During lockdown, when the band was unable to get to meet in person, we entertained ourselves (and a few others it would appear), producing a series of videos which can be viewed on our YouTube channel The Countrymen Official

The Last Of The Pirateers was one of our favourites…