Song of Hope (Ijaz Bhatti)

See the boats out in the bay…

With so many songs in our repertoire mourning the loss of Cornwall’s traditional industries and ruing what has replaced them and at a time when there wasn’t much to be happy about in World news, Ijaz decided to write something a little happier and more upbeat. It’s a song that is inspired by our numerous summer appearances on the quays and watersides of Cornwall’s ports and harbours. In particular, it was formulated whilst performing at The Royal Standard in Flushing having sailed down to Falmouth from Fowey on Steve Cooksey’s boat for the start of the Fowey Regatta.

The inspiration for the song

The whistling at start and finish happened by accident when Steve Gilbert began whistling the tune during a break and it was decided to keep it in. If you ever have the opportunity to see the band live, you’ll also be treated to a stunning keyboard solo from Adam Herring to end!