Manacle Bell Lyrics

Manacle Bell

The Primrose was laden, with troops bound for Spain

All armed to the teeth for the war

But the crew lost their way, in a blizzard that day

And sailed far to close to the shore

Every soul breathed his last in the ocean

Save one lone drummer boy

Their bodies now rest in a church to the west

To gaze upon the Manacle Bell


Manacle Bell tell the tale of a reef unforgiving

Manacle Bell say a prayer for the lost

Manacle Bell ring your chime

Shed a tear fatal beauty

Ring out your song ‘cross the sea to foretell

The threat that lies beneath the Manacle Bell

Pioneers came from Devon and Cornwall

Sailing west on a barque called the John

The incapable crew, drunk on ship’s brew

Put the ship on the rocks, all hope gone

The captain said hold fast the lifeboats

And climbed with his crew up the mast

Then coldly looked down as whole families drowned

Taken deep beneath the Manacle Bell


The fated Mohegan, a mystery unsolved

The cause of the wreck still unknown

She steamed full ahead, there were so many dead

As the crowded ship sank like a stone

Why so fast and so near to the coastline

The answers went down with the crew

And those beyond help, stared up through the kelp

Silent in death, Oh Manacle Bell!