Letter of Lies Lyrics

Letter of Lies

Oh I am bound for Australia

Oh I am bound for Brazil

To find me some work and mine me some ore

For Cornwall can’t feed me no more

I’m sailing away from the land of my birth

Away from the wild Cornish shore

But I will return to you dreckly my love

Or I will return no more


This letter explains why I’m leaving my love

This letter will hide many lies

For my heart will no longer let me remain here

It’s been crushed with my honour and pride


Oh the heat in this mine it is stifling

As I sweat and I toil in this hole

But I see in mind the cliffs and the moor

As the westerly wind takes my soul


Oh I’m rotting away in this jungle

As the mosquitos feed on my blood

Though there’s plenty more Cornishmen following me

As my body decays in the mud