Cornwall My True Love (S. Sic, J. Evans van der Harten)

This powerful song written by Pagan Folk band ‘Omnia’, tells the tale of young 15 year old boy who goes to sea leaving his Cornish homeland behind him and spends the rest of his life hankering to return.

When Steve Cooksey sent a copy of our version of ‘Cornwall My True Love’ to Steve Sic, he responded with this;

I have listened to your glorious track many many times and it keeps bringing me out in goosebumps…

You guys make that song sound so much better than the OMNIA version!

That’s seriously the first time I’ve EVER said that about any OMNIA cover/rework by others.

NOW it feels like real proper folk! I feel pride when I hear it…and You can be very proud of that recording and of your band. You are “keeping it real” in a bad and sad business of fakers and moneymakers

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