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As can be seen by our updated Facebook Events tab and The Gigs on this website, our calendar has taken a bit of a hit. With so much up in the air including rescheduling of work commitments for some of our ‘real’ jobs, the calendar will remain with a mystery for a little while longer I’m afraid.

To keep the band busy whilst social distancing, we have been messing about with creating some videos. The first one was created by our good friend Bubba who has created Quaranstream TV on Facebook which appropriately featured our opening song, “Cornwall My True Love” which almost immediately picked up around 20k views on Facebook.

The second one, released this morning, is our latest offering which hasn’t even been recorded yet. Entitled, “The River Rolls On”, it was made by band member, Steve Gilbert. His first effort at making a video was made all the more taxing as it required the editing of six separate videos combined into one. There was a lot of swearing involved!

The Countrymen are as stir crazy as the rest of you but hopefully our messing about on social media will entertain a few of you.


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  1. Jonathan Pearson

    Absolutely fantastic


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