The Music

Below, you will find extracts of all of our recorded material to date.  If you would like to listen to more, (and we rather hope you will!), we have provided links to iTunes, Amazon and Spotify but other download and streaming sites are available.  You’ll also find information and lyrics for each song.

We have produced two on-line EPs entitled “Cornish Lads Vol.1 and unsurprisingly Vol.2.

Saw them live at the Newlyn Fish Festival last year and they were the stars of the event. This EP brings back many happy memories of Cornwall. Traditional Cornish folk music echoing its history and traditions. They deserve to be as popular as Cornish clotted cream and Cornish pasties – they are that good!!!  –

Pip59 on Cornish Lads Vol.1

Great!!! The Countrymen have done it again!!! Traditional Cornish folk music at its best. Their talents should be heard by the whole country and not just theirs and our beloved Cornwall.  –

Pip59 on Cornish Lads Vol.2

We are now also the proud vendors of our debut CD, “Trees On The Hill” which includes three songs not yet available on-line.

Brilliant CD – bought two, one for my ninety year old Mother, who loves it. Played mine all day yesterday!!

Bruce Eddy

Got it in the car all the time ….I love it. Good mix of songs from traditional to modern, all given a Countrymen twist.

Lynn Chapman


Cornwall My True Love (S. Sic, J.Evans van der Harten)                                                                            iTunes       Amazon        Spotify        Info        Lyrics

Mrs Chapman’s Boys (Jethro / Arr. S.Cooksey)                                                                                           iTunes        Amazon        Spotify         Info       Lyrics

The Band Played Trelawney (M. O’Connor / Arr. S.Cooksey)                                                                       iTunes        Amazon       Spotify         Info       Lyrics

Cousin Jack (S. Knightley)                                                                                                                              iTunes        Amazon        Spotify         Info       Lyrics

Cornwall My Home (H. Glasson)                                                                                                                     iTunes        Amazon        Spotify        Info        Lyrics

Cornish Lads Are Fishermen (R. Bryant)                                                                                                        iTunes       Amazon        Spotify        Info       Lyrics

Tregarthen’s Anthem (M.O’Connor)                                                                                                                  iTunes        Amazon        Spotify        Info      Lyrics

Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rodgers)                                                                                                                      iTunes        Amazon        Spotify        Info      Lyrics

Atlantic Road (ijaz Bhatti)                                                                                                                                  Currently available on CD only          Info      Lyrics

The Last Of The Pirateers (C.Morris / D.Freeman)                                                                                           Currently available on CD only          Info       Lyrics

Trees On The Hill (Ijaz Bhatti)                                                                                                                             Currently available on CD only          Info      Lyrics